• Bulldog 210/DF Titan High Security Wheel Clamp  
  • Fits Tyre/ Wheel Size 185 R13, R14, R15 Inset Wheel Flat Trim Alloy Wheel
  • Suitable for Caravans, Cars & Trailers with Above Tyre/Wheel Size
  • High Security Drill and Pick Resistant Lock 
  • Heavy Duty and Highly Visible 
  • Protects Wheel Nuts 
  • Sold Secure Gold Approval 
  • Insurance Approved.
  • The Titan Wheel Clamp meets Police Approved Standards
  • Secured by Design is the only form of Police approval for products in the UK
  • Practical Caravan "If you are looking for all out security then this is the one to buy" 
  • Auto Express "Once in place the hardened central steel bolt secures the device which is virtually attack prove from all angles. For long term protection there is little to beat it"

Bulldog 210/DF Titan High Security Wheel Clamp

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